What We do


Impact currently offers three types of guarantee products to PFIs on facilities granted to MSMEs;

Individual Guarantee:

It guarantees a single loan made by a financial institution to a single borrower whose identity is known to the guarantor. The guarantee decision is at the discretion of the Impact after individual appraisal

Blanket Guarantee:

These are still individual by nature, but the authority to decide on the guarantee is vested in the PFIs.

Portfolio Guarantee:

It guarantees a portfolio of loans made by a financial institution to a target borrower segment (qualifying borrowers) up to the portfolio line ceiling.


1. Maximum Guarantee Cover of 60% of loan disbursed
2. Maximum Loan size defined from time to time
3. Maximum Tenor of 5 years, can be extended to 8 years for special projects
4. All sectors within the MSME business segment

In addition, Impact offers, on need basis, Technical Assistance to support PFIs to enhance MSME financing capabilities.

Process Flow for Individual Guarantee

Process Flow for Blanket Guarantee